The Definitive GS+: Volume Two


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The Definitive GS+: Volume Two is the second of six CD-ROM products that will comprise the complete set of all six years (plus one issue) of GS+ Magazine. Published from 1989 to 1995, GS+ was incredibly popular, with great content for both users and programmers alike. Each issue included a floppy disk with programs, sample code, icons, graphics, and other content, as well as the printed magazine itself.

The Definitive GS+ includes Adobe PDF format copies of each of the six issues of the volume, all searchable and printable. The original issues have been painstakingly reproduced from the original GraphicWriter III and AppleWorks GS files, with photos scanned from the original magazines. The magazines have been reproduced as perfectly as possible, right down to the occasional typo or grammatical snafu.

The CD-ROM also contains the six disks in Disk Copy 4.2, Disk Copy 6, and ShrinkIt Disk Archive formats, as well as all unpacked into folders on the CD-ROM.

This CD-ROM is in hybrid HFS/Joliet format, and should work on any Apple IIgs, Macintosh, Windows, or Linux system with a CD-ROM drive.

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