Video Overlay Card Developers Kit


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This kit provides basic design information about the Apple II Video Overlay Card as well as a disk containing sample programs, utilities, and header files.

  • Information on how the Apple II Video Overlay Card Works with Application programs
  • Descriptions of the Video I/O Interface Tool Set routines for controlling the operation of the Apple II Video Overlay Card
  • An overview of the Apple II Video Expansion Bus (AVEB) architecture
  • A description of relevant new features incorporated into the Apple IIGS VideoMix desk accessory and the Apple IIe Video Setup program
  • Interfaces for the APW and MPW IIGS development systems
  • An object file for Apple IIe programmers
  • Tool 33 (the Video Overlay Card tool)
  • The VideoMix desk accessory (for the Apple IIGS)
  • The Apple IIe Video Setup program


One 3.5 disk
89 8.5 11″ pages of documentation with index and table of contents

(Drilled for notebook; not included)
This kit does NOT contain the Video Overlay Card.

System Requirements:

Apple IIe or IIgs computer

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